City Daylighting LLC: History of Business

City Daylighting LLC, formerly known as NYC Daylighting INC., has a rich history that spans over a decade, marked by resilience, innovation, and a commitment to sustainable business practices. The company’s journey began in 2011 under the ownership and leadership of Michael Shea Sr.

Foundation Years (2011-2015): NYC Daylighting INC.

Under the visionary guidance of Michael Shea Sr., NYC Daylighting INC. quickly established itself as a prominent player in the daylighting industry. Specializing in innovative solutions to bring natural light into commercial and industrial spaces, the company gained recognition for its commitment to energy efficiency.

In 2015, the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) acknowledged NYC Daylighting INC. with the prestigious Small Business of the Year Award, a testament to its impact on the local business community and its dedication to excellence.

Growth and Recognition (2015-2019): RISE NYC Project

The year 2015 also marked a significant milestone when NYC Daylighting INC. secured a grant through The NYC Economic Development Corporation for its involvement in the “RISE NYC” project. This initiative aimed to promote resilience and sustainability in businesses, aligning perfectly with the company’s ethos.

Transition to Green City Daylighting LLC (2019-2022): Nurturing a Sustainable Legacy

In 2019, the unfortunate passing of Michael Shea Sr. led to the temporary dissolution of NYC Daylighting INC. The business was resurrected as Green City Daylighting LLC in 2020, with Michael Shea Jr. and Christopher Rogers at the helm. Their leadership saw the company thrive, securing contracts with commercial Solatube providers and becoming the primary labor force for CBG South, specializing in the installation of commercial Solatube products.

City Daylighting LLC Emerges (2022 – Present): A Visionary Expansion

In 2022, the business underwent another transformation, re-emerging as City Daylighting LLC. With Michael Shea Jr. taking 100% ownership.


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Solatube History

Solatube’s history started 30 years ago in Australia when the CEO helped invent the first ever tubular skylight. They named their invention Solatube Daylighting System. This invention started a revolution in the tubular skylight industry. This high-tech, leak-proof skylight, was the catalyst that transformed the world of daylighting. This modern skylight was a hit with homeowners because it was a third of the price of a traditional skylight with twice as much natural light. Plus, it didn’t leak. Soon after manufacturing began, Premier Dealers were trained and certified to install the Solatube Tubular Skylights in to homes.

Our Certified Installation Consultants are daylighting and ventilation experts who are factory-trained and certified on all Solatube products. We offer free in-home consultations, individualized appointment times, and same-day installation services. To learn more, call us today, stop by one of our showrooms, or click here to schedule a free consultation.


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There is a reason why home owners call us when it comes to adding natural light and fresh air into their homes, it’s because of our unbelievable products, and incredible service.

Our store is licensed and insured, which means experience is backed by high levels of training and continued education.

When you call us, you are getting experts who have been trained to meet Solatube International’s certified installation procedures. Being licensed and insured is just a tangible sign of the skill and insight we bring to your home. We strive to give our customers peace of mind by sending the best installers to your home.