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If you’re looking for more cool for your cash, then meet the new Engineered Performance Series Whole House Fans from Solatube.

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Engineered to last. Engineered to blast (quietly).

Experience the new ultra-powerful Engineered Performance Series Whole House Fans

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A cool new way to save money.

Save $200 on the new Engineered Performance Series Whole House Fans.

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Engineered to last. Engineered to blast (quietly).

Solatube Engineered Performance Series Whole House Fans powerfully and efficiently pull air from open windows and exhaust it through the attic and roof. They’re engineered to cool your home in minutes and are a fraction of the cost of running your A/C. Additionally, our energy-efficient fans provide exceptional ventilation against unwanted dust and pathogens, making it one of the best investments for your home, your family, and yourself.

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Chill out A/C.
We got this.

The powerful circulation provided by our Whole House Fans means your A/C unit can chill and only work when needed – significantly lowering energy consumption and your bills. Rest easy knowing that the Engineered Performance Series Fans have everything you need to keep you more comfortable and healthier year-round.

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Unbelievable power.
Unreal savings.

The powerful circulation provided by our Whole House Fans means your A/C unit can chill and only work when needed – significantly lowering energy consumption and your bills. Rest easy knowing that the Engineered Performance Series Fans have everything you need to keep you more comfortable and healthier year-round.

How it works

The Solatube EPS Whole House Fans will pull the cool, fresh outside air into your living spaces through your windows, and push hot, stale indoor air through your attic and out the vents. The air in your main living spaces and attic doesn’t just recirculate (as with air conditioning), it gets replaced with fresh, new air. This helps cool the home and attic by up to 30 degrees, and sometimes more, allowing them to stay much cooler the following day (the principle of Thermal Mass Cooling).

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Features that revolutionize your home’s comfort.

Say goodbye to stuffy, stale air and skyrocketing energy bills with our cutting-edge whole house fan, engineered to provide exceptional airflow, cooling, and numerous cost-saving advantages. Experience refreshing ventilation and energy savings like never before.

Efficient design means you save more. A lot more.

The engineered Jet Blade design move more air with less energy. The optimized blade shape works harder so the motor doesn’t have to which saves you money and extends the life of the unit.

A whisper powerful enough to reach every corner of your home.

The Engineered Performance Series Fans are the perfect mix of power and grace. But more power doesn’t mean more noise. The precision crafted fan blades maximize CFM and minimize noise and vibration.

Cool comfort and a healthier home at the touch of a button.

Dial in your efficiency, temperature, and air freshness with the Comfort Control Remote. With 7 variable speed options, you’ll have the ability to balance energy consumption with circulation and comfort.

Shield yourself from airborne pathogens.

Ensuring proper ventilation with outside air can help reduce indoor airborne contaminants, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, and other viruses. Using a whole house fan in your home should be a part of a plan to protect your family from airborne pathogens.

EPA Source

Thermal Mass Cooling

Our whole house fans create an active breeze in the home which helps the thermal mass cooling of your space. Here’s how:

Leaving the whole house fan on during the evenings and overnight will cool the walls, ceilings, attic, roof, furniture, and flooring. When heat is pulled out of these areas, the home becomes truly cooled down. This process is called thermal mass cooling. In return, your home will not heat up as fast the next day, and it will stay much cooler for longer. This also means that your A/C doesn’t have to work as hard, resulting in less energy spend.

Remove Air Contaminants

No matter what the season, airing out your home is important to maintain a healthy environment. The contents of indoor air include gases released from flooring, paint, furniture, and building materials. This also includes germs, pathogens, particles, biological waste, and water vapor, which are potential health hazards. It is recommended you air out your home three to four times a day to have a healthy living environment. Our quiet whole house fan can exchange the air in your home in about 3-5 minutes giving you a healthy home to live in.


When do you use a whole house fan?

Normally you use the whole house fan in the mornings and later afternoon/evenings. You want to run our system when it is cooler outside. You can also use our system to remove germs and odors quickly.

How Long Will It Take For My Home To Cool Down?

The Solatube Whole House Fans start cooling as soon as you turn on the unit. Typically takes around ten to fifteen minutes, with 20-25 complete air exchanges per hour.

Can you use a whole house fan during the day?

Yes, but the key to fast cooling is it has to be cooler outside.

Fresh, inovative solutions tailored to your home.

Built to last. Built to blast (quietly).

  1. EC brushless motor with 7 variable speeds for long-lasting strength and energy-efficient operation
  2. Soft Start technology saves electricity and extends motor life
  3. Jet Blade design dramatically increases power and decreases noise/vibration
  4. Insulated ducting quietly cools
  5. R6 damper door provides superior insulation
  6. No visible grille fasteners provide a clean and modern look
  7. Easily removable & dishwasher-safe intake grille cleans quickly and easily
  8. Innovative HushMount™ 2 Patented Technology provides quiet operation
  9. Comfort Control Remote allows you to customize your airflow at the touch of a button
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Engineered Performance Series Models

Model EPS Zone EPS Plus EPS Ultra EPS Extreme
Size of area/home (sq. ft.) 500-1200 1000-2200 2000-3200 3000+
CFM Max Airflow 1400 2502 3785 4567
HVI 916 CMF @ 0.1 w.g. of pressure at full speed 1157 2288 3532 4267
Comfort Control Remote Yes Yes Yes Yes
Damper Doors R6 R6 R6 R6
Motor Watts (@120V) 70-185 60-369 69.3-383 175-697
Motor RPM 1431 1520 1200 1200
Fan Diameter (in.) 14 18 20 22
Duct Length (ft.) 7 7 7 7
Duct Diameter (in.) 14 18 20 20
Sound Level (low/high dB) 40/48 44/58 50/58 58/64
Intake Grille Size (in.) 15.5 x 21.5 15.5 x 21.5 15.5 x 28 15.5 x 28
Attic Venting Req. (sq. ft.) 2 4 6 8

5-Star In-Home Process

We are excited to help you create a more relaxing and refreshing home environment. All of our installation experts have been certified and provide exceptional customer service. We have been in business for over 30 years, so rest assured that we will be invested in your project from start to finish.

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